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People often ask me how I became a psychic medium.  While I think everyone has the potential to have the gift, I think it is more developed in some people.  To be honest, I was unaware of it until I was about 21 years old.  I had been going to a meditation group with my mother for a few years, on and off.  I loved meditating, and still do.  One night, I was at the group and we were all meditating as we always did, in a circle.  I began to see images of a young girl getting on a train at our local station and waving goodbye to her mother.  I then saw a terrible accident.  THe images kept playing over and over like a looped video.  Tears were streamin down my face, but it was as if they were not mine.  I felt like I was there,  but someone else was running my body.  I remember hearing the girl say to me ” say it, say it” and I kept saying “no, everyone is in deep mediation, I’m not going to just blurt out something.”  But she was relentless.  Mind you this whole conversation was in my head.  I finally said quietly, “someone lost a daughter in a terrible accident, the last time you saw her was at the train station as she waved goodbye.  She wants you to know she’s alright and loves you very much. ”  The room was quiet after, and we finished meditating for about another 10 minutes.  The meditation was done in a failry dark room and I always close my eyes when we meditate, so I hadn’t really seen anyone.  As the lights came up, a woman came over to me and thanked me.  As I looked up, I noticed it was my high school art teacher.  I hadn’t seen her in 5 years and she had never attended our group before.  She hugged me and told me that I had described it as it had happened and that she was so grateful for the message I had given her.  I was almost completely drained and barely remember anything else other than hugging her.  My mom and my husband (at the time) were both there.  We drove home in silence, and no one really ever spoke about it again… until many years later.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

I am excited to announce that Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Key West has hired me as their Resident Psychic Medium. The Odditorium – as it is reffered to, has begun a tour called “The Haunted Lockdown”. Many of the staff were experiencing strange things in different sections. Many of them had seen similar “ghosts” and had similar experiences. They decided to turn it into a tour. Anthony Sibilly, the General Manager there, wanted some authenitcation, so he asked me and David Sloane “Ghost Hunt“, to see what we could find. Our investigations and findings will be included in the 20 minute video that guest will get to watch. In addition, guests are given handheld laser grids and EMF readers to do their own investigating. If you are in Key West and are interested in going on the tour, you can find out more by clicking here


There are so many questions unanswered when it comes to the spirit realm. I ask the spirits questions all the time. Sometimes I get very specific answers, sometimes I get just a glimpse. I will tell you what I have been told, and answer any questions you may have.

First, I want to make it clear, that anything I say on here, is soley what I have been told by my spirit guides. I have heard many mediums share what their guides have told them, and sometimes it’s very different from what I have been shown. That doesn’t mean either of us is wrong or right. There are many different planes of existenence. Many different spirit guides. I believe that we are given information that we can understand at the time we are given it. Just as we speak may different languages in the world, so do the spirits. They share with us, in a language that we can understand. When my spirit guides share with me, I then have to interpret it. I see images, hear things, feel sensations and then have to “translate” it to make sense here on the earth plane. As I blog, I will begin to share with you what they have showed me, and do my best to be open to the realm of possibilities even differing from what my understanding, because staying open minded is the most important thing when it comes to learning. Looking forward to carrying the messages to you!

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