Day and evening appointments available.

Cost: 45 minutes – $139

Medium Readings

Specialist in: Spirit Medium, Psychic Readings.

 Many people ask “what’s the difference between a medium and a psychic?”. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Mediums can communicate with spirits. Psychics have “6th senses” as I will explain. As a Medium I can communicate with spirits who have crossed over.

As a psychic I have been blessed with many of the psychic senses:

I am Clairvoyant which means “Clear-Seeing” I can see spirits and images that they show me.
I am Clairaudient which means “Clear-Hearing” so I can hear them speaking to me in my thoughts, telapathically; I will hear names, names of places, nicknames and other words. Some spirits will quite literally speak to me and have a conversation.

I am very strongly Clairsentient, which means I can sense or feel people’s and spirit’s emotions; pains or injuries they had while in the physical body. I can also sense their personalities, for examples, if they had a great sense of humor, were very serious and stern, depressed etc.
I am also Clairambient, which means occasionally, they will impress on to me a particular smell that would have been symbolic of them.

Every spirit communicates with me very differently. Some will choose to show me a lot of visual images, while others prefer to “speak” to me or impress me with thoughts and feelings. As different as their personalities were in life, they are in spirit, as well.

In person

If you are in Key West, or know when you will be, I am happy to schedule a reading with you in person.

All other readings

All other readings are done via telephone or Skype.

Call to schedule appointment – (305) 395-3300

Day and evening appointments available.

Cost: 45 minutes – $99

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