Dawn Michelle grew up in New Rochelle, New York. While the gifts she uses to communicate with spirit were developing, she kept busy as a professional actress and a singer. At the age of 21, she gave her first reading during a group meditation.

Dawn continued a career as a performer, giving messages to people as the spirits moved her. Eventually, the spirit messages were so constant that she had to seek help from a professional teacher medium, Lydia Clar, to help her quiet them. Over the years, through meditation and training, along with the help of her spirit guides, she has found a way to open herself up when she wishes to receive messages and to turn them off when she needs to.

In August of 2014, Dawn went to Lily Dale to study with Anne Gehman (Top 100 Psychics), where she completed a course of Advanced Mediumship and Healing. In addition, she participated in several development circles with John White , Pat Price and Gretchen Clark. She has been personally mentored for the last year and continues to work with Jennifer Farmer to enhance and deepen her connection with Spirit. In 2015 Ripleys Believe It Or Not hired Dawn to help discover the various ghosts that haunted the Key West Odditorium and was the featured Psychic Medium for their Ghost Tour. In 2017, Dawn was chosen by Bob Olson for The Best Psychic Directory. Dawn feels that being able to carry messages from the other side, to loved ones left behind here on earth, is incredibly healing. She is grateful to be able to serve in such a way.

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